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Home: The Advanced Computer Innovations, Inc. Home Page for SEC EDGAR Filer Software and Services. Software: A comprehensive EDGARizing Software suite, providing a cost-effective total solution for SEC filers. Training: Interactive CD-based self-paced training on the entire SEC filing process - includes courses on the Basics of SEC filing, Advanced concepts, and Ownership filings. Ultimate Package: The Ultimate SEC Filer's Package includes everything you need - the complete EDGARizing software package, CD-based training on all aspects of SEC filing, and ongoing technical support. Form 13-F: The Form 13-F MiniApp™ is an easy-to-use solution right on our website for creating the Form 13-F Information Table in the XML format now required by the SEC - easily and directly from your Word, Excel or other table. Pricing/Order: Licensing, Pricing and Ordering information on our SEC filing products, and the various options you may use to order. Downloads: You may download any of our SEC Filing Software Products and Training from this page. Demo Movies: Watch video demonstrations of EDGARsuite™ in action. Services: Information on our SEC EDGAR Filing Services, as a Registered Filing Agent. Support: Technical and other Support before and after a sale. FAQ: Useful answers to Frequently Asked Questions. About us: Background information about Advanced Computer Innovations, Inc. Site Search: A map of this website, as well as the ability to search the website using keywords.

SEC Filing Software

As an SEC Filing product, this software provides EDGAR HTML conversion and SEC XBRL preparation. For example, filing SEC Form 10-Q or 10-K. It is meant for SEC Compliance and SEC Regulatory filings. It converts documents into the SEC’s EDGAR standard format and file them according to the EDGAR rules. It does EDGAR conversions and filings in ASCII, HTML, XBRL and XML formats. Includes MS Word, Excel, WordPerfect, ASCII, Notepad, RTF, PDF, QuarkXpress, InDesign, FrameMaker and other conversions to SEC EDGAR.

XBRL Detailed Tagging

EDGARsuite provides the easiest to use detailed tagging for XBRL filings (also called level 4 tagging, or XBRL detailed footnote tagging). Some applications call this detail tagging, or detail footnote tagging, or footnote detail tagging.

EDGAR Filing Software

This EDGAR Filing product is significantly faster than other EDGAR filing tools on the market, such as EDGARizer, EDGARizerX, SEC Publisher, EDGARfilings and EDGARease. It creates compliant EDGAR I & II (ASCII & HTML) formats for all SEC forms. XBRL filings and XML filings are also supported and described below.

XBRL Filing Software

Reduce the cost of XBRL filing. As an inexpensive XBRL filing preparation tool, this product supports:
  • Detailed Tagging. This is also called level 4 tagging.
  • US-GAAP tagging for corporate financial filings.
  • XBRL tagging and XBRL mapping.
Form 10-Q XBRL, 10-K XBRL and S-1 are all supported. It provides XBRL-tagged interactive financial data exhibits to go along with your 10-Q and 10-K filings. The Interactive Data filing can be viewed on the SEC Viewer or SEC Previewer.

Filing XBRL Exhibit

The SEC submission replaces EDGARLink. The new version is EDGARLink Online. The SEC EDGARLink is the other alternative.


Form types that are handled by this software include SEC form 10-K, 10-Q, 8-K. Others are Form S-1, Form 10-F, Form 13-G and 13-H and more. It supports Detailed Tagging, including Level 4 tagging.

In-house SEC Filing

You can do your EDGAR filings in-house with this software. It is also useful for SEC Filing Agents, Filing Service Bureaus, Law Firms and Financial Printers, Mutual Fund filings, and is particularly suitable for in-house SEC filings and minimum XBRL filing cost.
Home: The Advanced Computer Innovations, Inc. Home Page for SEC EDGAR Filer Software and Services. Software: A comprehensive EDGARizing Software suite, providing a cost-effective total solution for SEC filers.

EDGARsuite- The Premier Software Suite for SEC Filers

EDGARsuite provides a comprehensive solution for rapidly and easily creating accurate SEC filings. Running under all Windows versions, it is the easiest to use and most cost-effective of the professional SEC filing products available.

  • Create HTML and ASCII filings easily and accurately with the powerful automated EDGARizer, EDGARwiz and the easy-to-use EDGAR-compatible word processor, EDGARstar.

  • Create XBRL filings with EDGARxbrl, including all SEC taxonomies as well as detailed tagging.

  • Create XML filings (N-MFP, Section 16, etc.) by filling in user-friendly forms in EDGARpack.

  • Assemble the submission automatically with EDGARpack, without having to attach files manually.

Depending on your requirements, you may purchase the whole package or just the parts you need. Either way, EDGARsuite minimizes your initial as well as ongoing costs:

  • Price includes free updates and ample support for a full year, with no additional costs.

  • Nominally priced annual renewal of support, if needed.

  • Much more cost-effective and flexible than other pricing models.

EDGARsuite is available for free unlimited trial prior to purchase - the only professional SEC filing product that offers this opportunity! It is already helping over a thousand users produce accurate error-free EDGARfilings while saving time, money and aggravation. It is the product of choice not only for corporate filers and investment companies, but also EDGAR filing agents, law firms, financial printers and service providers who need flexible and feature-rich software to support a variety of clients in a time-efficient and cost-effective manner.

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